Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Toy Box Shoot

Note to self: Work with Lilli on sitting like a lady.

She was certainly comfortable at Panera Bread today..... (The strange tag on her dress is her ID # from Sunday School. We discovered it's easier to put it somewhere on her clothes than on her wrist or ankle. They put a wristband thing on them and you keep one end of the # and have to present it to get your kid. Today a new teacher was in Lilli's class and didn't even ask for Brent's number - when he walked in to get her she said "Oh, she's yours. You have the same eyes." Which is true. And the same face.)

Brent's mom loaded us up with hand-me-down toys when we were in Hohenwald on Saturday. She sent along an entire toybox full of old toys of Lilli's cousins Grant and Madison. FULL. Lilli's room already looks like Fisher Price threw up all over it, and now I'm thinking about hanging a sign out on our fence that says Toys R Us and seeing how many people I can lure inside. So, to say "Thank You" Brent wanted to do a photoshoot with Lilli inside the Toy Box with everything all around.

The first obstacle is just to get her to stand up in it, since the lid doesn't open all the way, she's pretty good at standing but not great, and she's totally distracted by all the toys.
Our major obstacle was Pippin. It seems we had set everything up right in the strip of sun that comes through her skylights at this particular time of day. So, Pippin sat right down in the sun and prepared to get comfortable. Unfortunately, we could no longer see Lilli.

Hey Pippin - um, do you mind????

And asking him to leave led to him thinking it was all a game...

But finally - the money shots!!

Thank you Grandma for all my fun new toys! I played with them ALL afternoon and Mom even found a place to put everything. I heard her say there is NO MORE ROOM for toys, but I'm so cute I bet I could find a few more places, wink wink!!!And check out my teeth! They are coming in nicely and I even gnawed a little bit on an apple tonight until I banged my head on the table. I seem to do that a lot, especially when I have a handful of black beans from Mom's dinner.

We have a busy, busy, busy week this week! Tomorrow starts 6 weeks of boot camp classes for me at the Y during lunch. I am very excited about it and really hope it helps me tone up some! I'll go on Mon and Wed for the next 6 weeks. Several of my other coworkers are taking it so it should be a lot of fun. Tomorrow night is Open House at Lilli's school. They'll talk some about the upcoming year and what they'll be learning, and she has some sort of special project to give us! (Her report card on Friday said they had worked on something special they needed to finish on Monday!) Tuesday night we're going to the Step into Africa exhibit our Sunday School/Life Group has been learning about, and Saturday morning Lilli starts swim classes! And you know, we have work and house and all the regular stuff too! And I have something perfect for us to do on our Family Fun Night, but I guess it will have to be Thursday this week instead of our usual Mon nights out.

Have a great week!

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