Saturday, September 12, 2009

Moving Targets

Today we took a day trip to Hohenwald for a 50th Wedding Anniversary of some of Brent's relatives (just don't ask me -or Brent - how we're related to them). While I didn't take any pics of the happy couple we did take some of Lilli. =)

Actually we really didn't take many of her, but we did take, or attempt to take, a couple of her and her (2nd?3rd?) cousin Luke. Trying to take a pic of two really tired, crawling enabled babies is impossible!

Take 1: At least Luke isn't crawling off....
Take 2: Putting her on the other side really doesn't make her want to have her pic made......but at least now they're both crawling off in the same direction!

Take 3: Obviously this is just not going to happen!

Take 4: But we can at least get everyone to look when Mommas are in control! Me and Lilli (7.5 months) and Danielle and Luke (13 months).It was good to meet Luke in person and being so close in age he and Lilli make great playmates! Maybe sometime we can plan a trip to Chattanooga to take Lilli to Rock City and visit her cousin.

Lilli was WAY beyond nap deprived by the time we left and finally fell asleep in her carseat a little while after we left and slept much of the way home. She is still not the person I would vote as "Favorite Person to take a Long Car Ride" with, but she is getting somewhat better. Unfortunately I usually have to sit in the backseat (or at some point end up climbing over the seat) on long car trips. Just a few more months until she can turn around and I think that will be a wonderful day!

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