Thursday, September 10, 2009

Let Sleeping Lillis Sleep

I had a really cute video I wanted to upload but it seems we've lost about 2-3 days worth of pics/video from my camera. We're not sure what happened, because we both could've sworn they were in the usual Lilli folder, but they're just not there anymore. Maybe a recovery program can find them, but it's really frustrating because I had several cute videos of her from this week I wanted to share. We've also still taken at least one pic of her every day since she's born, and Tuesday is now the only day we might not have a picture of now (we have pics from other cameras from Mon and Wed), but we still have one video from Tuesday so Brent can probably do a freeze frame on that for his "Faces of Lilli" video.

Instead, here are some Sleeping Lilli pics since that's what she's doing right now!

She likes to sleep now with her bum up in the air, and when there's already ruffles on it it's just that much cuter!
A morning looks like she just literally passed out and fell face down. I love that her paci is in the floor through the slats.
Here's how we found her after a nap on Saturday, and her mattress was dropped immediately. She could've easily pulled herself up and fallen out of the crib. She was incredibly proud of her accomplishment.
She's had a pretty good week. She was a little fussy both Tuesday and today, she just didn't take many naps at school today and came home wiped out and cranky. If she doesn't get 2 one hour naps, pref 3, then she's pretty tired & fussy at night. She's still crawling, primarily short distances, just 2-4 crawls and then she'll stop and get distracted by something else.

We've had a busy week of continuing to work on the dining room after she goes to sleep (Brent's painting the built in bookcase/buffet right now). Hopefully soon that project will be done and we can get the stairrail/banister done before it's too cold to do sanding/staining/painting of the various pieces outside (and before the daylight hours gets too short). It's been next to impossible to get much of anything done this year, and with no help on these projects it's pretty much been Brent doing most of it since painting/hammering/drilling don't entertain Lilli yet.

At work we had a special listening party/lunch for our department with Stephen Curtis Chapman yesterday. His new CD deals 100% with his feelings after his daughter was killed last year (when his son accidentally ran over her). Wow. It was a seriously emotional lunch. He started out by saying that he won't be performing from this album and is doing only a couple of interviews because it's just too raw and personal, so it was really an amazing experience. He talked very openly about their experience and feelings after the accident, and before the first song even played the entire room was in total tears. It was really hard just watching him listen to the CD - during the last song he was just curled up on the stool sobbing. Regardless, it made us all very thankful for everything we have. Life is really all about your choices and attitude, and it seems so many people are in a constant pity party for themselves that they really just need to get over it and be thankful for all they have. Needless to say, I'll def be buying his new CD, at LIFEWAY, of course!, when it comes out Nov 3rd. We have a new Veggie Tales preview party for their new DVD (releasing Oct 3) so that should be a little more light hearted of an event! (although our Kids buyer did warn me today that the song from the movie is a tearjerker!)

Have a great Friday, and wish us luck in recovering some of our lost Lilli memories!

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