Wednesday, September 9, 2009

FFN: Arrington Vineyards

For this week's Family Fun Night I planned a surprise "trip" for us. I rarely ever plan a complete surprise because Brent can be somewhat of a total pain when it comes to surprises. They absolutely kill him, and I'm really not sure why. Around his birthday he always makes me promise no surprise parties (even though sometimes I do, and they always turn out to be lots of fun - especially the year we had the surprise rock climbing party!) Brent's also really good at guessing things, so I rarely give him many clues when I do have surprises planned.

So, for this outing I really hadn't even planned to tell him I had an outing planned, but he walked in on me calling Saturday to make sure they'd be open on Labor Day. From that point the rest of the weekend he was pestering me for clues. I told him that it was totally free, although they might want you to buy something, it was outdoors, and it was probably someplace he'd never heard of. On Monday he asked me about a million times when we were leaving, what to wear, and so on - driving me crazy! We headed down 65 and I made him stop at Publix so I could get some picnic foods, so at that point he figured we were having some sort of picnic (and I had gotten our big picnic basket out of the closet....). When we got off 65 onto 96 he still had no clue where we were going, and pretty much accused me of dragging him out in the country to abandon him. We went down more country roads and finally arrived at our destination: Arrington Vineyards:

(I took that pic! I've got mad skillz!)Brent was pretty excited when he saw where we were, but still didn't totally know what all there was to do there, or really what it was. This winery is owned by Kix Brooks of Brooks and Dunn fame, and it's on tons of beautiful rolling hills. They've filled it with picnic tables and open spaces, and you can go out, have a picnic, enjoy their sunsets, and just enjoy the land. They also have free wine tastings and a store, but you don't have to buy anything to enjoy the surroundings.

There were tons of families there having picnics, kids running around in the vineyards, and it was just absolutely peaceful. I bought some chicken salad and sides for us to enjoy, and Lilli had a delightful dinner of applesauce and milk.

With the exception of 2 large bugs landing on me, it was a very nice picnic! Lilli was totally uninterested in her toys and spent the whole time climbing around on us and pulling up on anything and everything she can get her hands on.

Fun faces with Dad:

Tackling Mom:Enjoying one of the many swings they have:Trying to eat clover...By the time we ate, Lilli ate, got a fresh diaper, we walked around the vineyards and so on the sun was quickly starting to set. We laughed at how much junk we have to cart around for her, and had dropped some off at the car before we headed up to the top of a hill to catch the sunset. We BARELY made it, and even just toting Lilli and a small bag I was a sweaty mess by the time we made it! But, we did get to enjoy a beautiful sunset.Then it was back downtown for bedtime bottles and back to the work week grind! I'd highly recommend Arrington as a fun, family destination. I think it took us about 40-45 minutes to get there from downtown, so it's really not far from metro Nashville. And if you're a country music fan you just might run into Kix Brooks! (although I wouldn't recognize him in a million years!!!)

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