Monday, September 28, 2009

Rain, Rainbows, Standing, Helping

Good evening!! Maybe the rain has FINALLY left us for a while! It seems like every day for the last two weeks has just been gross and messy until yesterday. We did get Lilli a new rain hat, which she loves!

She only got to wear it one day until the rain cleared up, which is fine with me!

One foggy morning commute, you could hardly see downtown from just 5 blocks away. It's SO dark in the mornings now when I leave for work at 6:15. You can tell fall is rapidly approaching!
That same afternoon Lilli and I got to enjoy a beautiful rainbow on our ride home. As we drove over the Gateway Bridge it stretched way over the stadium and across into the Caycee Projects. My picture doesn't do it justice, I was hoping to be stopped by a couple of prior lights so I could really get how wide it was.
A cute one of Brent and Lilli....she continues to earn her Little Monkey nickname. We got accident report # FOUR on Friday. She is nothing if not persistent on working on standing. This kid very much wants to stand and walk.
Standing in her crib....and ever so proud of herself.
Standing on the ottoman....
Standing with her favorite toy...She lets go for about 15-30 seconds now and can stand unsupported. She's learned how to fall, but a lot of times you'll still have to grab her before she loses her balance and hits her head. Her crawling is also getting really fast, and she's learned she can just keep on trucking past toys, out of the room, down the hall, really anywhere she wants to go. Her crawling can be somewhat inhibited by the fact that her pants are constantly falling down/or are too long. Her waist is pretty slim and her legs awfully short, a bad combo for someone trying to drag themselves around the house. So, I've often got her pants pulled all the way up to her armpits. Not exactly the most flattering look for a little girl but we're not exactly trying to attract the boys!
Her increased mobility has also turned her into Momma's Little Helper/my shadow. Here she is helping me hang up her clean clothes Saturday afternoon. (And sadly, her closet is PACKED. Those are all clothes she can currently wear, and I don't even have any long sleeves washed for her yet. I really have a problem with cute baby clothes, and it's pretty awful because she rarely gets to wear anything more than once!!!!)
Helping me with groceries....

(And no, we don't let her play with plastic bags unattended.)

That's all for now, I've got some cute ones of her posing on Sunday to post tomorrow, and a fun video Brent did of her FLYING in her Exersaucer this afternoon!!

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