Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oldies but Goodies

These Sunday pics are actually from 2 weeks ago, I think we were running too late to get any pics this week! Enjoy these because her upcoming pics will have little teeth poking through!
Ms Donna said she had a rough day today (and from the sound of the other kids this afternoon in there it sounds like a rough day was going around!) She was still a little difficult with some of her eating, and clingier than usual, so she said she just had to give her some extra loving! We've put several of her teethers and some washcloths in the fridge/freezer for her, and she really enjoyed those tonight. And she's getting ever and ever closer to crawling. She's so rolly-polly all the time now that I end up practically putting a diaper on her while she's hanging upside down!

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  1. She looks too cute to be making such a fuss these days (and nights). Don't worry -- teething soon passes too.