Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sitting Pretty

We've really been working a lot with Lilli on her sitting capabilities. I've moved away from my obsession with rolling to sitting, because it really is a much more useful trait and a major milestone. (On a side note, it's been about 3 weeks since she started rolling from back to stomach and it just cracked me up how casually she did it this afternoon, like it was never such a big thing at all!) She's doing great with her sitting, but she's still apt to just lean towards something and topple over, so it's really hard to use both hands and move away enough to take a good pic without risking her bonking over. And since the rug in her room is fairly thin, and the hardwoods underneath are mega hard, we're always very nearby to avoid accidents. So, here's the best I could do this afternoon!

She's very interested in the cell phone and how our voices can get in there. I had called Brent (on speaker) to see where he was in traffic and she spent several minutes trying to figure out how to get Daddy out of the phone (while sitting on her own)!Still playing with the phone....A different angle of her sitting...I'm not holding her up, just using my legs as bumper lanes while taking pics!Another sitting pic...Hopefully within a couple of weeks she'll have her balance all sorted out and really be on her way to being an accomplished sitter!!! (Also notice how much her hair has grown in! It can now be a little crazy on the sides, and she tugs at it the same way Brent does. It's hilarious!)

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