Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Something tells me he's really enjoying my old camera

My old purse camera started acting up in May, so Brent ordered me a new camera and he's started keeping my old one in his pocket. Something tells me he has a lot of fun having a camera on him at all times!

Saddest face, ever! She's really started making that bottom lip pout when she's not happy about something. Brent does a pretty good Lilli impression.

And another classic pic from last week. Luckily she's a pretty easy going baby and doesn't mind being placed in, on, or underneath strange objects. Brent had a lot of fun with her last week!

Today two of her buddies moved up to the next class at school! Tristan (her "boyfriend" that she's been spotted holding hands with) had already moved up once but there was extra space in Lilli's room until some new babies started, and then Cleo moved up. Cleo is just one week older than Lilli, but she's quite the "Wonder Baby" - as in the youngest baby they've ever seen "and-fill-in-the-blank" with any activity. There's two more itty bitties in there now that started this week. Lilli's the second oldest, Jada is actually younger than Cleo but must not be as good of a sitter. (Lilli will get to move up when she can sit consistently, which is also when she moves up in Sunday School). She's doing great with sitting, but doesn't think about how she'll topple over when she leans for something, so you still have to have an arm right there with her much of the time. So, Lilli's class is now: Jada, Lilli, Maevy, Aaron, Madden, Allie, Griffin and Liam. 8 full time handfuls! Whew! And tied at 4 girls and 4 boys.

Have a great night!

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