Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Belated 4th of July! I hope everyone had a nice holiday. We were gone for a few days to my parents house for their annual 4th of July cookout. This marked Lilli's first overnight trip away from home. She did pretty well, we packed as much of the house as we could, but life (and naps) would've been easier if we could have had her swing. As the weekend wore on she got more tired and more out of synch, but overall I'd say she did pretty well! She fussed a good portion of the way home, and then it took about an hour for her to go to sleep last night (and usually she's extremely easy to go to sleep). She didn't have any sleeping issues there, so we're not sure if it was being so off from the trip, the pouring rain, or all the redneck firecrackers that kept her up, but luckily tonight we didn't have that issue!! Whew!

Here are just a couple of pics and I'll upload more probably next week since I'm packing up and heading out to Atlanta for the week for work! Our July Market trip should be a lot more fun for me this year since I won't be nauseated the whole time! Last year I was just plain miserable (except no one could know!), so I'm looking forward to enjoying it more this year. Maybe Brent will update with some pics of all the fun he and Lilli have this week!

We packed everything we absolutely could, and we did use it all!
The annual "grandkids" photo - my Pippin and Lilli, my brother's kids and Brent's brother's kids:Pippin was the best behaved of any of the kids for photos (really not a flattering angle for him though!):

Pippin and Lilli:The whole family (my family + Brent's family) Poor Pippin was worn out and you can hardly see him for the shrubs!

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