Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Half Birthday!

Happy 6 month birthday to Lilli! It's hard to believe it's been 6 months since we headed to the hospital and came home a little family! We celebrated by going out to dinner at a Greek restaurant, where Brent and I enjoyed some delicious food and Lilli enjoyed the live music they have on the weekends. Brent bought her some presents (a new toy and a new pair of shoes) and we went to the mall to redeem my Gymbucks and buy her some new clothes for next summer from Gymboree and BabyGap. I pretty much wiped out the remaining babyGap clearance rack because they also have a great sale right now! And then we kept her up way past her bedtime thanks to a side trip to Trader Joes.

More of the portraits Brent's been doing for Lilli's 6-month milestone to come, but I just had to share these! There's still several other poses/locations I want to do, but we're done with the "dressy" ones and the "naked baby" ones. The camera is not a stranger to her!

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