Monday, July 27, 2009

Bubbles, Two Ways

Here's a couple of recent videos from around the house, in High Def for your viewing pleasure!

It's always a good thing when a toy/game can amuse both Lilli and Pippin! Anytime we go to a wedding with bubbles I usually try to snap up an extra leftover bottle or two because Pippin loooves to chase bubbles. I was trying to think of something fun and new for Lilli, and my eye caught a bottle of bubbles by Pippin's treat jar so I grabbed. She enjoyed it....and then Pippin came wandering into the room and made the game a lot more amusing! Two birds, one stone: Win-Win!

Monkey-See, Monkey-Do syndrome has already struck our house! There's a little girl in Lilli's class named Jada who is one month older than her who blows bubbles ALL THE TIME! Man, this kid gets INTO it - and she's great at it! Friday afternoon when I was picking Lilli up Jada was going at it and I was laughing at her along with her teacher and mentioned Lilli doesn't do anything like that. (International way to JINX!) Mrs Dameah laughed and said "Just wait, she will! They mimic each other all the time!" About an hour after we got home we were still sitting in the floor playing with Brent and all of the sudden - she started doing it too! She's nowhere near as advanced as Jada is, and she mostly just spits everywhere, but she practiced a LOT over the weekend - at church, at restaurants, while trying to feed her solid foods, etc etc. This video is from when she first started doing it, she's progressed a lot over the weekend so I'll have to get a better video of how she sounds now. This afternoon when I picked Lilli up I told Jada she wasn't allowed to play with Lilli anymore and she just smiled at me, no doubt scheming up her next bad habit to pass along!

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