Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Difference

It's always interesting to me to see how Brent can capture Lilli's personality so well on camera. So many people take snapshots, but he really takes pictures, and there's such a HUGE difference. Last night we had a takeout picnic at the park to enjoy the beautiful weather, and afterwards we played around on the playground for a little bit.

Lilli checked out the slide....although she totally didn't even understand what she was doing, but she's down for pretty much anything.

Then we took her over to the kiddo swings. She's way too small for it but we figured we'd at least put her in one and snap some pics. So out come both our pocket camera and parent paparazzi ensues. We each have Cannon cameras small enough to fit in your pocket, Brent's is actually my old camera that was starting to act up so I got the newest version in May (and I LOVE it!) He sat on it or something so it's even more broken now and you have to tug on the zoom lens to even get it to work.

Here are my pics of Lilli in the swing:
Cute stuff, huh? Until you see Brent's awesome take of the exact same moments....
Both pocket cameras, no Photoshop or anything to any of the pics. That's why he is the photographer and I am the assistant - wonderfully skilled at making babies smile at the camera, and I'm pretty good at getting dogs to look, too!

Speaking of, I hear little miss starting to wake up from her afternoon nap! Time to play!

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