Saturday, July 18, 2009

Voting for Evan....

The only show we're watching this summer is So You Think You Can Dance. Most TV is awful and we'd rather do fun things than sit around and watch a bunch of junk, so we TiVo it and usually watch it over a few days since we can't sit still for 2 straight hours! Last night we were watching a little bit of last week's episode and Lilli was cuddling in my lap. Since we don't have the TV on much in front of her it completely took us by surprise when she started laughing at it! My favorite contestant this season, Evan, was dancing his solo and every time he did a particular turn she would just die laughing. We figured it was a fluke, but every time we bloop-blooped back she'd laugh at that SAME exact spot again! We even played it for her again today, and once we got her attention on the TV she laughed at the exact same spot. What a funny girl! I guess I'll have to vote for him every week so Lilli can keep on laughing!

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