Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hands Free!

Lilli has been sleeping completely un-swaddled for two weeks now! She spent around 2-3 weeks sleeping with one arm free, and then she was having trouble going to sleep again so we tried transitioning her to the sleep sack and she is doing great!

An added bonus is how cute she is in her polka dot sleep sack contrasted with her polka dot sheets. She also has some sheets that match her sleep sack perfectly - as seen AGES ago when we mistakenly went through a phase of not using the Swaddle Me, before we knew how fabulous the Happiest Baby on the Block teaching were. (BTW, that pic was from a post on March 5th - so tiny!!)
Tomorrow I'm hoping I can upload some video from my camera - Lilli has a fabulous new trick she picked up at school that I'm sure is going to go over ACES in church tomorrow.

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