Friday, July 17, 2009

Our Fun Day

Last night before bedtime we told Lilli we had a surprise for her - School was out today!! Her daycare was closed today for teacher inservice, so we were both taking the day off to hang out with her! Yay!
She was very excited about a long weekend with us, so she started waking up promptly at 6 am but we were able to get her back to sleep until around 7:30. We got up and played for a while before heading out to the mall to do some shopping. We have a ton of gift cards we needed to use, so we got quite a few things but only had to spend our money on lunch! Sweet! Lilli was great, she napped on and off but was actually awake most of the time. She also enjoyed a bottle in the middle of the mall while watching everyone pass by. After we got home she had another bottle and then we headed out to the pool at the Y. She really had not napped much at all, and we thought she might want a nap after her bottle but since she kept fighting it off we decided to go swimming. Naturally she was sound asleep when we got there.

So, we found some shade near our chairs and parked her there until she woke up. It worked out great because the water was pretty chilly, so we got to splash around a while and as soon as we were done and got out to lay out she woke up. She sat in my lap enjoying the skyline view, watching swimmers and playing with toys for a long time.
We also sat on the side for a while and dipped her toes in. We're smart enough to know that putting her in the water with it being so chilly today would've ended in meltdown! When she started getting bored we put her in her robe and headed downstairs to get her changed back into dry clothes.The rooftop pool is either 4 or 5 flights up (you NEED a dip in the pool by the time you get up there!) and the whole way down today Lilli was laughing hysterically at my ponytail bopping down the stairs ahead of her. Pony tails crack her up. It's hilarious.We capped the day off with more playing, grilling out, a nice walk for all of us around the neighborhood and a good ole bath. It was a great day!!!

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