Monday, July 13, 2009

Napping on the Go

A week ago we were doing our laundry and put Lilli in the warm pile of clothes (careful not to have any hot zippers/snaps on her) to see if she'd enjoy warm laundry as much as we do. About 2 minutes later she was sound asleep in a pile of our underwear!
As cute as it was it was a bit of a pain since she napped there for about a half an hour. She's such a scooter that we constantly had to check on her and make sure she hadn't gone anywhere. She is doing much better with napping in her crib, which is great! She took about an hour and a half nap there Sunday. She took two of her naps today on me (I fell asleep know the whole nap when they nap thing!), and another one in her swing (I was almost certain the world was about to end from the fit she was throwing, and the swing was the only thing working!!)

Lilli and I had fun hanging out at home today, playing, grocery shopping and just being girls! Tomorrow it's back to the usual office grind which is going to be hard after a week out of the office doing things a lot more fun than staring at a computer and answering a billion emails. It was fun while it lasted!

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