Sunday, July 12, 2009

Back in Baby Couture!

Hello! I am glad to be home! Market was fun and even though our hotel was fabulous, nothing beats your own bed! (Except we have modeled our bedroom after upscale boutique hotels we've stayed at, so our down duvet is exactly the same as the one I enjoyed last week at the Westin!)

Of course Brent did a wonderful job with Lilli and from all the pics I've seen he, Pippin and Lilli had a great time without me. One of the perks of going to Market is the opportunity to slip away for a few minutes and shop some of the cash and carry for Kids. We work HARD, all day long, and don't get back to our rooms until around 9 or so at night (after leaving around 8 every morning!) so we earn the occasional 30 minute shopping break and then some! One afternoon our vendor dinner wasn't until 6:45 so we had about an hour to kill before so we shopped the 13th floor of Bldg 3 where you can score some Children's Samples. The baby samples weren't quite as good because most of them were made in size 0-3 months, and many of the ones that would fit (now or down the line) were still somewhat pricey. In baby sizes, to me it's not really a bargain at $50 for an outfit, even if it would have originally been $100. Since it was late in the day several showrooms had already closed, and we were staring in the window of one with a sign about all Samples being $10 when the shop owner came back by and let us in. Most of the samples in there were DKNY and everything was $10!!! I scored a REALLY hip and trendy jacket for Lilli for this winter and this cute little handmade dress that she wore today. SO adorable and of course one of a kind! There's really no telling how much it would have been in the stores.

This morning Brent was still in the shower when she started waking up on her own so I went in to grab her and when she saw me she just started lauuughing! I guess she had forgotten I was home. We got back from Atlanta around 6pm Saturday night, so we only had a couple of hours before her 8:30 bedtime.
She's been in a great mood all day, and even fell asleep during church this morning instead of fighting her nap and making us take her in the Cry Room to get it in before Sunday School. It was nice being able to stay in with the "big people" as lately I've felt like we should leave some personal items in the Cry Room since we've pretty much been owning it the last two months or so. And she took a great 1.5 nap in her crib this afternoon so Brent and I took a nap as well! I have tomorrow off as a comp day so Lilli and I will have all day to catch up, play and maybe take a nap or two. I'd say tomorrow is going to be a very good Monday!

Good night!

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