Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rainy Days

These pictures are all from July 8th - 11th. That would be the time period in this crazy Nashville summer when we went from drought and 109 degree temps to torrential rains every day. Insanity.Which was a contributing factor to the invention of this:
Princess doesn't like storms and ends up in our bed constantly when it's thundering. We've tried everything but three night of her kicking me in the back and I was pooped. There also happened to be an itsy bitsy little house spider on her bed one evening and the tent-bed was born. All I know is it kept her in her own bed for about two weeks before she ended up tearing it down and we all got better sleep during our summer "rainy/stormy" season.

More rain, different day....
On the evening after our good 12-week baby appointment we went out to eat Mexican food and had to walk across the street for Jeni's ice cream. Someone was way too into her treat to pose for pics!
The most memorable part of that evening was leaving two Ariel dolls on the table at Rosepepper, realizing it less than 10 minutes later, running back across the street and having them tell us they're thrown away already and WE can go through the food trash looking for them if we want them that bad. If that isn't customer service....We already have a love-hate with that place. We want to love it but their food always ends up being a giant glob of semi-melted cheese on a plate, and overpriced at that. And now that we have Chuy's we've officially decided Rosepepper can keep their gloop and we'll keep our money. So rude. I posted about it on Facebook and had so many other people angry about the thrown away toys! It really is rude, why not keep it until the end of the night? What's it to them? So, since we couldn't take back our tip or do anything about it, we asked an absolutely upset, crying, sobbing Lilli what would make her feel better. I was willing to let her take anything she wanted from that place at that point. And she wanted three rocks from their landscaping. So three rocks she got and she placed them in our alley. She always remembers what they're from and everywhere we've been since then she leaves her toys in the car because of "the two Ariels".
In Brent's glasses......I think if she ever ends up needing them we may go with a slightly different frame!
Although I really think she'll take more after me - good eyes (she can spot an airplane or bird 10 miles away) but bad teeth (she already has a cavity - ugh - more on that later!!).

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