Saturday, February 25, 2012

Valentines Day 2012

All of these pics are from Feb 12-14th.

That's probably about the coldest it's been all winter, so I ended up putting Pippin's sweater on him. Santa brought him a new one for Christmas this year since his other one is several years old and it's gotten smaller and he's gotten bigger as I've washed it. So this was the first time he had gotten to wear it and little sis was all about stuffing his pockets with her toy robots. Then she got mad when he went outside to do his business and (of course) took her robots with him. I really don't even understand why it has the pockets, other than for human sibling torture!The day before Valentines we finalized her gifts for teachers and friends. For friends we made a little bag with their Valentines, some candy and these lip whistles. They're really hilarious and she had a blast playing with hers.
We did the same mix of cookies, chocolate popcorn, and dipped marshmallows for her school teachers as well.
And then put their Valentines in the front window of these boxes.
Here's a close-up of the Valentines we ended up doing. There were a ton of cute ideas on Pinterest, but I really liked this one since her nickname is Lilli-bug. And she loves bugs so much. I ordered a big thing of plastic bugs from Amazon, we printed the template off the internet and then attached the bugs with double sided tape so they'd still be usable for all the kids. And then Lilli signed her name at the bottom (isn't she doing a great job??? She can also write Mommy now too!) She picked out each bug she wanted each kiddo to have.
Then so you wouldn't lose the bug I put them along with the whistle and candy inside these little goodies bags, and also let her pick a traditional Valentine to tie it up with (I had Thomas, Shrek and Wizard of Oz already around the house). She used my three hole punch to punch each card and then I tied it up with ribbon. She also put everything inside the bags, too!
I always leave for work first, so after I was gone Brent and Lilli blew up a ton of balloons and decorated the kitchen for Valentines to surprise me!
Unfortunately helium and our house don't mix well in our house, so they looked like this when I got home. Oh well, it's the thought that counts!
Lilli is super excited about the gourmet popsicle maker Brent got me. I've wanted one for a while, and now I just have to clean out more junk from our freezer to make some space for it! We're going to have having a lot of fresh and healthy popsicles this summer!
Even though they lost their "float" the balloons have still been enjoyed a lot, and still are.
And that was our Valentines 2012!

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