Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Madisyn!

People I work with literally ask me every weekend "so what type of birthday party are you going to this weekend?". I think it's pretty true, we are partying for people ALL the time!

On January 20th (a Friday night) we went to Lilli's friend Madisyn's 3rd birthday. Madisyn is a church friend and she had her party at a big indoor playground at a large church around Madison. It's this indoor climbing/sliding type contraction that's probably about 3 stories tall.Of course Johnathon, Lilli's big crush was there, and she had to chase him around a bit.
Overall though she was a little uncomfortable with the big thing and wanted one of us with her at all times, which really isn't our favorite thing to crawl all around in. Once we thought she had moved on from really needing us around and Brent snuck back out only to have another parent bring her back down to us, bawling. She did have several small friends kind of running around on the bottom to play with though.
There were a TON of kids there. We counted 34. That's a LOT of kids. She sat with Emma and Ella to eat pizza and cake.
I never got a really good picture of Madisyn. She's in the purple shirt, but you really can't see her Rapunzel cake. She and Lilli are good little playmates and get in a **bit** of trouble during church if we're sitting too close together.
Towards the end she was starting to slow down and she and Audrey found a couch and hung out eating ice. What else would a couple of two year olds be doing???
We had a great time at Madisyn's party and Lilli knew all along that her party was the next one after Madisyns'. So much so that she cried the whole way home because she thought we would all be going to her party RIGHT after it.

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