Thursday, February 23, 2012

Super Bowl & Super Outfits

These pics are mostly from Super Bowl weekend, Feb 4-6th.

We ran several errands that weekend returning leftover things from Lilli's birthday party. I will probably never run in to Party City on Super Bowl weekend again. Crazy!!! I never realized so many people buy so much junk for the Super Bowl!

We've taught Lilli she can pick out something to buy if it starts with "$1." So a lot of times she'll go through the store telling us the different prices of things and classifying it as something she can or can't have. At Party City she found a little Tinkerbell purse on clearance for "$1." so she got to buy it. She keeps the receipt in the purse and we also gave her some pennies for it too. Then we added in some cotton balls because we got tired of hearing it jangle around. IHop - We forgot how great their food is.
Making homemade pizzas at home. She really, really likes pepperoni and will eat it straight. And cheese.
Measuring Tinkerbell. Can't get too big in that skimpy little outfit!
Cheesing for the camera - it does occasionally happen!
For the Superbowl we went to our class' party at Tim and Wendy's house (or from Lilli's perspective we went to Zach and Audrey's house!) I made some buffalo chicken bites (pretty good)
we made football brownies (big hit with the kids)
and then more Football strawberries since they were a big hit at Brent's work. I also did some football Chex Mix in little individual football cupcake holders but we had already packed it in my travel bag when I remembered to take some pics.
That same weekend we decided to give Lilli her own little Bible. We have a couple she's been given for various things but have always kept them up on a shelf. Since they don't have pictures I really didn't think it was something she would be all that excited about but we were totally wrong. She's been attached to her "little pink Bible book" ever since and it is not a rare occasion for her to take it to daycare with her. Her teachers have told me she's been telling them a lot about Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
I think she thinks she is big stuff with it now! The funny thing is Brent and I pretty much never have a real Bible out - I use an app on either my Kindle or Iphone, and Brent uses a Bible app on his Iphone, so real Bibles have pretty much been phased out at our house - except for her!
Interesting fashion choices - you'd be amazed how often she wears her tutu on top of pretty much anything.
Happy almost Friday!!! I wish the weekend weather would be as nice as today's weather is! Of course if I had it all to do over again we would not have let Pippin out in the backyard all afternoon as he found something that was most certainly dead and rolled all around in it. Oh springtime!

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