Friday, February 10, 2012

Birthday Eve

This week got a lot more interesting when I got really sick in the middle of the morning on Wednesday. A doctor's visit and a lot of medicine later I'm finally starting to feel mostly better. Still I'm glad we don't have much planned for this weekend, just a visit tomorrow morning for Pippin's annual shots.

These pictures are all from January 23rd, Lilli's birthday eve. I had a lot of birthday shirts for her that week, here's the one from that day:Our tradition is always to go out for Mexican the night before her birthday. Thank goodness we quite going to the one we went to the night before she was born, that one was always so filthy with terrible services.
We came home and let her watch Tangled. We'd watched it a long, long time ago and I don't really think she remembered seeing it. That one is really so cute and has helped propel Rapunzel into one of her top princesses.
And then I let her help make her birthday cake. We kept it simple with a Funfetti cake mix box and then I made homemade cream cheese icing for the cake.

After she went to sleep the "birthday fairy" came and decorated her room with all kinds of Little Mermaid balloons and streamers. I was running streamers from one side of her bed to the other and she slept through the whole thing. Since her ceilings are so high the balloons had to be anchored with weights.
Here's a close up of the finished cake. I found Princess sprinkles at Kroger -
The yellow ones are crowns and the blue are Cinderella's slippers. It also came with red apples for Snow White and some pearls for Tianna but I skipped using those and just filled in with regular red and pink sprinkles in the middle.
Time for more rest for me!!

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