Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mid January - Snow and Party Prep

These pics were taken from around January 10-13th. I am slowly catching up!!!!

Lilli loves to go to the Turnip Truck with Brent and grind coffee. We usually have about 4 different types of beans on hand at all times, so they get to go fairly often! She cracks us up with how she recognizes places now. When we pace the TT she says that's the coffee store, when we pass Jeni's she says that's the ice cream place and even last night when we pulled up to IHOP (and we had only been there once, a full month ago) she said it's the pancake restaurant. She is really a smart kid.Playing princesses is one of Pippin's favorite games.
Some of the kiddos in her Wednesday night class. Three other ones are usually in there but I think they had already been picked up. They always get to do fun stuff, one night the teacher brought in a little plastic pool and they got to be "fishers of men" and catch fake fish.
On the twelfth we had our largest and only snow so far. She is SO wanting a big snow and points out that I have snowmen all over the house (including the one above on the porch) but we have not gotten to build a snowman. The cute cupcake hat was a gift from our babysitter Stephanie.
That's all the snow we got.
We had to go out to Nashville West that night and pick up her party invitations and I went to Party City (known to Lilli as "The Ariel store") to get all her party stuff for her school party and her big party. I stocked UP. I was so glad they had all the Ariel stuff in stock in the store so I could mix and match and I got all of the Little Mermaid stuff she had wanted to make both parties "Ariel" parties.
We ate dinner at IHOP. We forget about that place but it is SO good.
And the next morning she was able to leave invitations for all her school friends in their note pockets. For each kid she went through and decided which princess sticker she wanted on the outside of their envelope. It was a process she took incredibly serious!!! All of her best friends got either Jasmine or Ariel, and everyone else ended up with Belle or Sleeping Beauty.
Time to finish getting all our cute Super Bowl foods together for our class party tonight. I don't care who plays or who wins, but more about all the great food and fun! And Lilli only cares about going to Zach and Audrey's house - we told her the events of today (1-church, 2-grocery store, 3-nap, 4-Zach and Audreys) and she came in our room at 6:37 am ready to go the party. I think our numbering system was lost on her! But for now, she's just woken up and I'm watching her read her little pink Bible in bed and I know she's ready to party!

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