Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lilli's Birthday

On Lilli's actual birthday we both took the day off and took her to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate. Both sets of grandparents drove up for the day and went along to play some Skeeball. I mean, to play with Lilli and celebrate her big day!
It was so nice to get to go during the weekday. It wasn't crowded at all and we pretty much had the place to ourselves. The package we ordered had a ton of tokens, so everyone got to play as many games as they wanted and have a good time.

This is her "don't make me talk to Chuck E" face. Sometimes costumes can mess her up, you never know.
Amongst all of us we ended up with 441 tickets, which was enough to get her most any of the "junk" prizes they have. She wanted cotton candy most of all, so we got that along with a fan (already broken), some sort of sticky lizard (surprisingly not broken or lost yet!) and a couple of pieces of candy and other little toys (all either broken or lost by this point). From their we took her to pick out new fish for her new Ariel fish tank.
Her photo booth pic with Brent's parents.
Her photo booth pic with my parents.
And her photo booth pictures with us. We always try to save a couple of tokens and do that before we leave so we can hang these on her wall. It's really cute to look back and see all the pictures of her at CEC over the years!
She got to open her presents at home. Her new Barbie roller skates from Brent's parents! It's hilarious to watch her try and skate. We've only tried them out indoors so far, I think by the end of the summer she'll be really good on them!A new Ariel ballerina Barbie from my parents!Finally cake time -

After the grandparents left she rode her trike outside for a little while. We have had such a nice and mild winter (until this weekend)!
Here's the new fish - 5 little neon type tetras. Two pink and three are this silver type of neon fish. She named them all after princesses - Ariel, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Belle and Cinderella. It wasn't until Thursday night before one of them died - nearly three weeks which was pretty surprising! Since there were 5 of them she actually hasn't noticed, a big plus of having several.Buzz really pretty much sticks to visiting us on the front porch, but while we were eating dinner on her birthday we noticed him up in the dining room window. I guess he just wanted to wish her a happy birthday!For her birthday dinner I had picked up some special birthday pasta at World Market. It's in the shape of cake and presents. It's much cuter than it is tasty, it's just kind of thick with too much bite to it. But she really thought it was cute and she got to eat on the special birthday plate we have.
After dinner we decorated cupcakes for her school party. She wanted Ariel cupcakes for all of them, so I made the special strawberry brownie cupcakes and buttercream icing. Once I iced them we let her decorate with the Ariel pieces and princess sprinkles. She was very careful with each one and told us which classmate she wanted to have each cupcake.
Lilli had a great third birthday and really enjoyed her special day and party #1 with the grandparents for the day. And she had NO clue what surprises were in store for the following day at party #2 at school!!!!

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