Monday, February 20, 2012

Bounce U Party: Jump Room Two

I missed just a couple of pictures from the first room - Julia and Ella, such a cute pic of the two of them!And Katherine and Ella playing in the bouncey
Earlier when we were talking to our party pros they were asking me some different things about Lilli and I had told them she kept thinking Santa would be there, since the last time we went to a Bounce party Santa was there. They laughed and said they actually did have a Santa costume, and would I like one of the guys to go and put it on. I thought Lilli would love it, of course anytime I feel like she's going to really like something she never does. They had this guy put on the full Santa outfit and he was waiting at the top of the slide in the second room. Here's Lilli seeing him come down the slide - a smile-
She kind of waves at him...
And then just keeps on running. Which is exactly what all the kids did.
And she went back to the popular tee ball area where you hit a ball that's balancing on air. The kids love it and she remembered it from the last party we had been to. All her little school friends had gone back there and there was no amount of coaxing to get her back to Santa.
This is one of those great pics where it looks like she is smiling when in fact she's fussing and trying to wriggle away from me.
Santa kind of walked around a couple of minutes and then went and changed. None of the kids were a bit interested in him, and the next day one of the older boys told me he thought it was "weird" that Santa was there in January. This proves kids are only interested in Santa during the holiday season!
Dylan going down the slide
Several of the kiddo playing teeball - Madisyn, Ella, Lydia Kate, Ethan and Levi
Katherine, Lilli and I going down the slide. Katherine is Lilli's girl BFF. She is so funny and always wants to talk to me in the afternoons, and the two of them will braid my hair and play with all my jewelry. So when Katherine's mom told her they would be able to come to Lilli's party she asked her mom if Lilli's mom would be there because I am a lot of fun. HA! And yes, I am a lot of fun.
Lilli and I sliding with Madisyn. The two of them are both hilarious and t-r-o-u-b-l-e in church. They are two chatty Kathy's. Madisyn's grandma told me that last weekend she was wanting to call Lilli and had a fit because she wouldn't call us. That would have been one hilarious conversation, and probably would have lasted five seconds.
Emma going over the obstacle course.
Levi and Ethan batting
From there we moved into the big party room for pizza and cake!

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