Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bounce U Party: Pizza and Cake

I helped get the party room set up just the way I had wanted it along with our party pros during the last few minutes of jump time. We put all the goodie baskets on one table and I think it looked so cute:The kids all raced into the party room...
Since she had wanted it to be an Ariel party, and with having it at a place I was a little limited on what I could do. I bought Ariel plates, napkins and blowies to make it Ariel "enough" for Lilli. I really couldn't do (and didn't really need to) do any big decorations or banners since we wouldn't really be enjoying it for long in the party room. The kids LOVED the horns!! No big surprise there. Here's Ella:
Of course Lilli was all about it.
Our cupcakes. I got this nice tower off Amazon. It breaks down flat and is super sturdy. My old cupcake tower was a flimsy little thing and this was WAY better. I made some vanilla cupcakes and some strawberry brownies combos and they were all topped with fresh strawberry icing. I ordered some Ariel toppers off Etsy and also the princess cake wrappers off a different shop on Etsy. They all turned out very cute!

Lilli and Lydia Kate playing with their horns.

Most of the kiddos were eating....but of course she's still blowing her horn!
Brayden and Elizabeth enjoying theirs...
Then it was cupcake time. Nikhil's face in the background just cracks me up. His mom said he gets really excited about fire!!
During the birthday song they turn off the lights and turn on the disco ball so it makes for a neat glow in the room. For even more money your entire jumpy party can be a "glow party"!

Adam and Ella. She didn't get to enjoy any cupcake at Lil's party but she certainly got into the cake at her 1st birthday party last weekend!
Nikhil and Sebastian
Lilli made sure to supervise Elizabeth getting into a sucker from her goodie basket!
We decided not to open presents at her party. That usually ends in total chaos, and she's a very slow opened because she wants to play with each toy and there's never time for that. Particularly at a party local when your time limit is pretty well set before the next party starts in the room.

Next up, final party pics!

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