Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dec 30-Donuts and Bowling/Happy Birthday Ella!

Yes, back to December 30th! We're almost into 2012!!

I was also off that Friday, so when we got up I took Lilli out to breakfast at Krispy Kreme, just us girlies. She was so excited about it all night the night before and I remember she woke me up way too early that morning. As excited as she was she still never eats more than about two bites of donut before "her tummy is full".She always goes for the sprinkles. Always.
That night we were invited to our church friend Ella's 5th birthday party at a local bowling alley. It's been at least 6 or 7 years since Brent and I have bowled (it's just not our thing), so Lilli hadn't bowled yet either. We were really excited to go and watch all the kiddos bowling.I dressed her in all black and her little skull and cross bones skirt. I don't have any bowling attire for her, so I figured that was a good "rough and tumble" look.

The lightest ball was about six pounds, if I remember correctly. She had to carry it with both hands and then sort of shove it down the lane. We had bumpers, so no gutter balls, but our main problem was her velocity was so slow it got stuck a LOT and the guy had to come, walk down the gutters, and push it to the end. Our lane was all the 2-4 year olds, so this happened a LOT.
Her friends Zach (right) and Audrey (left) taking their turns.
She would squat down and watch her ball for about a second and she was already ready to go again before it ever made the end. This type of patience wasn't made for the preschool set, but it was so hilarious to watch them. They'd jump up and down and high five before the ball ever made it anywhere. They were so out of turn whichever kid got a ball first was just going for it.
We all got to enjoy pizza for dinner.
She and Audrey lost interest in actually bowling pretty quickly after the pizza, and mostly just turned into annoying little cheerleaders for Zach!
The birthday girl Ella blowing out the candles on her bowling ball cakes.
Just waiting for the balls to pop back up provides endless minutes of entertainment for the preschool set.
We had an absolutely great and hilarious time at Ella's party and Lilli can now cross bowling off her bucket list. But I think we'll probably wait a while before we sign her up for a bowling league! At least until they make shoes small enough for her size!

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