Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bounce U Party: Final Pics

I've long given up getting cute party pics of Lilli with each of her guests at the end of each party, and even though a big group shot would be fantastic that's a wild and crazy fantasy too. Now I just try to get as many as possible and just go with the flow of what the wild ones want to do. It definitely makes for some great and hilarious pics!

Lilli and her "Finny Finn", with Julia standing in for me. My goodness, she LOVES "Her Finny". He's about a month older than her and moved up to the next class about a month ago and she has been absolutely torn up about it - telling me she is moving up too & that I can pick her up in Gina's room. Every afternoon she sticks her head in their class and Finn comes over and gives her a big hug. This week she actually did get to start transitioning up (they spend a few hours each day to get the feel of the new room) and on the first day she said she had a great day because "my Finny is in there and mom, I love him so much". Enough said. At least the feeling is mutual. On their last vacation a couple of days in he told his mom he was ready to come home because he wanted to see Lilli. Ha! Juli and I with our girls. One day we'll get a gorgeous frame-able picture of the four of us together but that day was not this day. Or at Ella's party. And hopefully on that day I will figure out a better pair of shoes to wear that don't make me look so much shorter.
Lilli and her other best friend Katherine. The two of them are pretty much inseparable as well, and a lot of times she likes to pretend Katherine is her sister. I don't even remember what was going on in this picture but Lilli was absolutely cracking me up and I think it's a darling pic of real life with these girls!Another real life with Lilli - she LOVES boys. She has some major crushes on some older boys at church and Dylan is one of them, with Johnathon (he couldn't come to the party) being her main crush. So naturally anytime she's in proximity of them she shows out, a lot. Zach's expression is priceless - as in what is wrong with this girl??? The older boys don't seem to mind her chasing them all around - their current game is having her chase them and they run in the boys bathroom. The funny thing is that does not stop her, at all. To her, a bathroom is a bathroom is a bathroom since sometimes I take her and sometimes Brent takes her, and at school they have a shared bathroom they all use at the same time. So they all about die when she just follows them right in there. I'll die the day an adult boy is in there actually using the bathroom.
Lilli and Lydia Kate. She's super sweet to her and just passed down a Disney princess book that she didn't want anymore to Lilli because she knew how much she loves princesses. We also just found a little Valentine stuck in Lilli's pink Bible from Lydia Kate.
Lilli and Elizabeth. This is pretty much when she said no more pictures.
Lilli and Nikhil, both of them wearing down. Nikhil always cracks me up - after a party he will talk to me for at least three days about "remember that party?". Hilarious.
Some of the other pictures were just pretty much terrible and we didn't get pictures with everyone but I think we at least got pics of all 20 kids playing or eating at some point in the party! They wheeled out all our leftovers and presents! She got a haul!!
The party kid got to pick out one thing from the prize trunk - no surprise she picked the big hammer!
After we got home she opened all her presents and got a ton of baby dolls, Barbies, Ariel things, puzzles, art supplies and dress up clothes - just to name a few! I ordered her some Little Mermaid stationery and we still need to get all her thank you's finished!!!

So that's all the birthday party pics from Lilli's big birthday week. I'd say she had a GREAT third birthday!

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