Monday, February 6, 2012

Beauty and the Beast

These pics are from mid-January, from around the 14th-20th.

Lilli's class just finished a series of lessons on cooking and they've gotten to make all kinds of things including lunch a couple of times and several fun snacks (yogurt Popsicles, Cinnamon twists, etc). They sampled all kinds of fruit and she's pretty insistent on what color of apples she likes.We took her to see Beauty and the Beast 3D. It came back out for a limited number of weeks at "the big movie" and she was so excited to see it.
This was the last time she'll be free at a movie. Booo! And considering 3D movies are $14.50/adult and $11/kid I doubt we'll be seeing anything 3D for a LONG time.
Of course little Belle did have to come and watch it with us. The hilarious thing was most of the people in there were adults, and there weren't a lot of kids. So she got a lot of attention as a "super fan" with her little Belle.
Brent and I went out on date night. Nothing exciting, we just went out for a normal dinner and did some shopping getting a lot of stuff we needed for Lilli's birthday and just some other errands. It's just nice sometimes to move at a speed faster than preschooler!

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