Thursday, April 12, 2012

Welcome Back Opry Mills!

Welcome back Opry Mills mall!!! It's been a LONG time since we've been able to visit the mall closest to our house, following the floods in 2010 (damage pictures here and here) and we never really realized how convenient that mall was until it was closed for nearly two years for rebuilding. It reopened two weeks ago tonight, and it was just too exciting not to head out there after work and be there for the grand re-opening.

Her Grandma and Grandpa had taken her to Rainforest Cafe once, right at a month before the floods, and I thought she would love going now that she's older. I called right as we left work and they said they didn't have a wait, so we rushed as fast as possible and were able to walk right in. Since then the mall has gotten SUPER busy and I know we wouldn't be that lucky, but I think a lot of people were staying away on opening day because they thought it would be crowded.We got a seat right by the fish tank and she loved that. She did not love the giant frog walking around. And when you see this picture he does look rather creepy.
A little less creepy but she's still crying. She was so tired from their class fieldtrip that day that she was positively whiny.
Every time the thunder/lightning started she'd cover her ears, and she also didn't like the animal noises.
She is certainly not a fan of storms, but I think on a normal day if she had had some good rest she would've enjoyed it more. It makes her "Smile and Be Happy" shirt all the more ironic.
However, once you are handed the bill at Rainforest you think "We'll wait a LONG time before we come back". Bless. And their food and is really not very good.
Brent and Lilli amused themselves while I did some shopping. She was also rather opinionated about what new underwear I needed.
The carousel was like a giant beacon to her in the middle of the food court so we had to stop. She didn't want to ride an animal and wanted a "car" and I was perfectly happy to prop my feet up for a minute.

And then the Disney store - she had never been in one since she really started liking princess stuff (I really don't count this visit in Chicago) and it really just overwhelmed her. About a minute after we walked in she was excited she needed to go potty, literally. It was like all her dreams coming true in one store.
We got her some cute princess flip flops and this little Rapunzel doll. If we had let her she would have brought home every toy in that place. She is hooked on the princesses! Every day she tells us when she's bigger she's going to go to Cinderella's castle.

So welcome back Opry Mills! I've already been back one time since then for Girls Night Out earlier this week. And since Lilli has become a mall addict I'm sure we'll be there really often.

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