Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nashville Flood 2010 - More Damage Pics/Shelby Park

I still haven't gotten Picasso or Flickr working right where I can upload a whole album photo show, but here's just a couple more pics until I can get it fixed.

This sight is pretty common all over downtown - this is a state parking lot, covered in tons of water. This isn't even close to the river, we're not sure why it flooded other than maybe just bad drainage. It's about 2-3 blocks from where I work.Shelby Park - this was Monday evening before the river crested. Normally you can just barely even see the lake from here, but this is caused from the river overflowing its bank, a good half mile away. The Pavilion is almost totally under water and it's up to the bottom of the swings. This is .5 mile from our house, we walk there all the time and play on the playgrounds.
Another view....
The baseball fields, a road and running paths...
This was the golf course. The actual river bank was on the other side of the trees, down a VERY large bank. Opry Mills/ Opryland Hotel is almost directly across the river from here - you can see the mall from further down the trail (inaccessible now of course!)
Down 1st Avenue - this was on my way home yesterday.
A side road on the way to get Lilli - most side streets on the way to her daycare look like this - totally flooded.
A lot of water did recede today, and for the first time this week I could see the very top of 1st avenue and a few more roads were opened back up. Still lots of mess and we're under water conservation so hopefully they will get all the water plants back up and running soon so we don't run out!

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  1. I grew up on Eastside just a couple of blocks up from "the rose garden" (which never in my memory had a single rose, just forsythia)but Shelby Park was "my park" and I have seen it flood before. Never saw so much water at one time in my 22 years there tho'. What street are you on?