Friday, April 6, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Even though the calendar still says it's early, the temperatures this spring have really said otherwise. So last week we went ahead and got several things planted in our garden. Lilli has absolutely loved helping us get the garden started this year!We've played with a lot of earthworms already....
Last year at either Home Depot or Lowes we bought this little "My First Garden" raised garden bed. She was really to small to care about the plants last year, but this year she was very vocal about what she wanted to plant - peas and purple plants (she picked morning glories). She we went ahead and put it together and let her plant her own little garden.
We are going to have a LOT of peas. Good thing that's one of her favorite veggies! They're also doing a big fundraiser at her daycare to build some large raised bed garden on the roof of her daycare. The vegetables will be used to feed the kids at snack time and also used in the homeless food program the church there runs. (Once a week they serve lunch to homeless in downtown.) It's a pretty big deal and they're having all sorts of events, fundraiser, grants written and media about downtown's first "urban rooftop garden".
Watering our lettuce plants. Hopefully we can get some good lettuce before it gets too warm! We also planted some tomatoes, peppers, and kohlrabi along with some herbs.
Lots of warm evenings on the deck eating popsicles.
Last week she wanted to take her pink ball for Show and Tell.
Hanging out with Buzz Lightyear one night after dinner. He's pretty much on our front porch all the time now. He's really gone from being a skittish stray cat to letting us pick him up and not taking any issue with Lilli bugging him to death.
Lilli and I had a great Good Friday off from school and work but poor Brent had to work and bring home the bacon. Along with at least 75% of Nashville we met some friends at the zoo and had a fantastic day. Pictures to come!

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