Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Stewart!

A week ago Saturday Brent took Lilli to a birthday party for her school buddy Stewart. It was at Bounce U, the same jumpy place we had Lilli's party at. I think this is the first time she's gone to a party without me, but it was nice to get some down time at home with everyone else gone!We have actually been a lot better lately about not going to every single party we get invited to. Of the 4 parties we were invited to in March of her school friends this was the only one we went to. Two of the other three parties were on Sunday afternoons, which is practically impossible for us to pull off well, and the other one was way out in the suburbs. None of them were her close friends, so our new thing is to go to parties only if it's a) a close friend or b) if it sounds like a ton of fun.
She had a good time with her school friends and her best bud Katherine was there. They did the usual bouncing and then pizza and cake.
Since I wasn't there I'm not exactly sure what the theme behind hearts was for a 4 year old boy with a late March birthday. They are cute cupcakes and cake, though. I had bought him a Batman figurine, it's become my standard boy gift, and at school I was asking him if he liked Batman and he told me he already had all the Batman toys. I guess now he has two of them!
Lilli enjoying her cupcake!
I am getting very, very close to finally being done with our taxes! It takes me forever for all our itemizations, but without them we'd be paying a ton. It's very frustrating to be a hard working family with two incomes in this country. For all we pay in we make "too much" to even deduct any of Lilli's daycare this year - ridiculous. Now I'm just down to the business portion of our taxes and we should be done. Brent told me if I get us $4K back (which isn't going to happen) then we can travel anywhere we want in the world. We will be getting a small refund, and I guess only Lilli and I will be traveling the world since our passports have come in and Brent's is still floating around somewhere out in the postal service land! We'll be sure to send him a postcard though.

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