Saturday, April 21, 2012

Easter Weekend

A few more pics from Easter weekend....

Good Friday late afternoon, post zoo, Lil wanted to play in the front yard and hunt eggs. And be a princess. So out came her awesome Sleeping Beauty costume one of her friends passed down to her.Complete with crown. That's when you know she means business.
That evening we went out to Pei Wei for dinner. Chopstick master extraordinaire. We also hit the Green Hills mall to do some Easter dress shopping for me, and then while we were there Brent got a tie to match my dress.
Saturday morning Lilli had some fun with the cash Grandma put in her Easter card. Luckily those scissors don't cut much of anything (unlike her new scissors we've discovered will cut everything).
We went to Home Depot and got some flowers and plans for the yard. It appears princesses prefer the giant, no turn radius carts. We got a few looks.
We even let her pick where we would eat lunch and princess wanted mac n cheese so we went to Panera. She got a collective "awwww" from the ladies working behind the counter when we walked in. Princesses get a lot of attention.
That evening we had movie night and I picked up The Smurfs from Redbox. What a terrible movie. Pippin slept through the whole thing.
Before bed we put together some treats for the Easter Bunny. Lilli thought he likes cookies so she was sure to leave him some sweets to go along with the carrots.
We've designated the main fireplace in the living room as where both Santa and EB leave their goodies, so she carried her goodies in there (in some adorable babyGap bunny PJs I found for $5 at a consignment sale this spring!!)
I had lined all her baskets and stuffed bunnies and lambs up in there while she was in the tubby and she thought that was pretty much awesome. 4 baskets designating the 4 Easters she's had so far. (Leaving treats in 2011, 2010 Easter morning, and 2009).
Once again the Easter Grinch got into the treats.....
And this is what the Easter Bunny left!!
Pics to come of all the Easter day excitement!

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