Friday, April 13, 2012

Catfish Lilli

I think Buzz has really gotten used to the domestic life and probably doesn't miss being a stray alley cat a bit, huh?Two weeks ago tonight we went to the Nashville Inner City Ministry fish fry. We went last year and had a great time and decided we definitely needed to go back. I actually liked going on Friday night better, it wasn't quite as crowded and once the initial line got through there really wasn't much congestion in the food area.
The food is delicious!! Fresh catfish, fries, hush puppy, cole slaw - all the Southern fixins'.
Lilli loved it! We told her we were having chicken, she really can't tell the difference. And then while we were waiting in line some older well-intended Christian woman starts talking to her and saying "Aren't you so excited to have some fish little girl?" Stuff like that can just blow Lilli out of the water sometime, so I tried to wink and nod and say "But WE'RE having chicken". Finally she got it and was all embarrassed. Sometimes it's best not to be Southern and friendly and try to make conversation. It turned out great though, she loved it and actually chose fish for herself off a menu earlier this week.
She was so excited her friends Addison and "John-fin" were joining us. Of course clearly that's not as exciting as getting their parents phones to play with after it was over and we were still visiting.
Maybe they were texting each other about how nice it would be if their parents would hurry up?
For being so patient with us we took them out for Jeni's ice cream afterwards. Lilli and Johnathon drew on the chalk board while we waited in line.
Lilli insists on the purple - which is not yogurt/sorbet and she probably shouldn't have since she is somewhat lactose intolerant. I try to only let her have a little but she's getting worse and worse about sharing. It doesn't seem to really bother her though, so I think in small doses it's probably ok.
Happy Friday!

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