Thursday, April 5, 2012

5 Pins for Easter

I still can't believe Easter is just a couple of days away! Lilli's dress was bought on Zulily months ago, but I'm still not sure what I'm wearing. I ordered a dress a while back and I think it should arrive tomorrow, so that may be it! Otherwise Saturday will probably involve a trip to Macy's.

We don't do a ton of things for Easter, but I've pinned a lot of really adorable things on Pinterest. Here's my top 5 Easter Pins for this year:

This Easter Egg lunch is adorable:

I actually made my own version of it today for Lilli's lunch. Hilarious. I took some pics of it to share later. I can only imagine the look on her teacher's face when they pulled that out of her lunchbox!

In the kitchen we've hung several small black frames perfect for Subway art. After St Patty's, I've replaced them all with various Easter ones I found on the Internet/Pinterest. Some are religious and some are straight bunny. I love being able to update my decor each month with something this simple and easy to do.

Yesterday I sent Brent a text asking him to pick up 112 Peeps. He really didn't even question it. We ended up taking 10 to church Wednesday night and sending 20 more bags to school today. So cute and easy to do. And of course kids love all things candy and sugar!

Next year I really want to do that and grow our own real Easter grass. I may still grow some this spring/summer for floral table arrangements.

Such a cute little craft, we may try to make that this weekend!

Tomorrow is a holiday for Lilli and I, but poor Brent has to work. She and I have a play date scheduled for the zoo, so hopefully all the rain we had tonight will dry up and we'll enjoy an extra good Friday!

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