Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt 2012

Two weeks ago yesterday we had our church Easter Egg Hunt. In past years we've taken Lilli to several hunts, but the truth is she still doesn't really care all that much about it so this year we only did the one at church. We really don't make a huge deal about Easter, and I'm sure in a few years she'll be asking to go to all the neighborhood hunts.

Our egg hunt was on Sunday night during the normal STARS kids program (when the older kids and sometimes little kids) go out to visit shut-ins or do other service projects. So for this Sunday night they had the egg party! First they did some coloring while hearing the Easter Story.The Easter Bunny costume had been misplaced and they thought they were going to have to make due with this inflatable bunny. It was Lilli's turn to have her picture made when the costume was located and she walked in. We've had total fail with Easter Bunny pictures in the past, and Santa this year, so I had no expectations on the bunny pic.
But she actually LIKED the Easter Bunny! She ran over and kind of gave her a hug.
Then stood next to her and kind of half-way smiled.
And then actually gave the Easter Bunny a good hug. I was very surprised, especially since Easter Bunny costumes are pretty odd.

The kids (and adults) all got to eat pizza and then have the flashlight egg hunt. The tradition has been that since you can't predict weather this time of year they have it indoors and to make it more fun turn the lights off and the kids get to use flashlights. They're split into two groups with kindergarten and down in this group and then the older kids have a scavenger hunt all throughout the building to actually find clues and eggs. Lilli's groups' eggs were just tossed in the nursery floor with some eggs hidden in cribs, toys, etc. The kids were all SO proud of their flashlights. Here they are heading down the hall, excited to hunt.
Lilli and Madisyn hit the ground running and were finding eggs right and left. There's about 10 kids in her class, and 4 of them are within a month of having the same birthday, so she has lots of friends very close in age.
All searching around with their was still daylight outside so they had some natural light through the curtains so none of them were scared and it really wasn't too dark.
At one point Zach came over to show her his eggs and she was all business and kept on hunting.
When all the eggs were found they turned the lights on to see if they missed any. A couple more were gobbled up and then Rebecca opened the adjoining door to their classroom and they had two more rooms with eggs to search!
Once all the eggs were found they got to go back upstairs and dump out all the candy. Before Wendy and I even knew what was happening Lilli and Audrey had made a little spot for themselves and were stuffing their face with chocolate as fast as they could!
Lilli with a mouth full of chocolate!
Lilli had a great time hunting this year and even after the hunt we hid eggs over and over again in the yard all of Easter week.

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