Monday, April 9, 2012

Lilli's First Field Trip

About a week and a half ago, Lilli's daycare class went on their first field trip. Their winter unit of study had been hockey (don't ask me why...) so to end their series of lessons they got to walk down to the Gaylord Arena and see where the Nashville Predators play.

Hockey is not something that interests Brent and I at all. We've been to several games, but always on free tickets - either free corporate perks I've gotten (complete with awesome seats either in a suite or near celebs on the floor) or free as race perks from running the Fangtastic 5K. On the other hand, every little boy in her class seems to be obsessed and they were ALL wearing jerseys! This was quite possibly about the only occasion we didn't have an appropriate outfit for her!

The field trip was around lunch, so I signed up to chaperon. Quite a few of the parents went, and I was assigned Lilli and her best friend Katherine to be my kiddos. The two of them are stuck together like glue, every afternoon they want to come home together with me. It is nice that after 8 hours they're still not tired of each other! One of the parents had "connections" with the head of the Predators organization. I really can't say we've connected with a lot of the parents at her daycare, quite a few of them are just a little......"uppity". It's a very nice daycare and most of the other parents are incredibly well off and just not our laid back cup of tea. The parent "in charge" of this field trip kept us all waiting twenty minutes out in the lobby, and then another twenty minutes outside the Arena. Not fun with 16 3 yr olds running wild, missing their nap time.Hanging outside the Arena.
Once we finally got inside, it was another fifteen minutes before his "contact" found someone to give us a tour. He geared it towards the adults, probably because it seemed like he had just found out this was his assignment, and the kids were still wild. They finally got to go down to the ice and touch it, and stand on the edge - which is really all they wanted to do anyway.
They all filed in and out to stand on the ice. Thankfully none of them fell down!
After that they all got to sit on the Zamboni and have their picture made - except my child who was cold and tired and didn't want anything to do with the field trip at this point (honestly it was very boring and drug on way too long for their attention span). They all did get to hold some ice shaved off the rink.
And the (finally!) end of the tour they stood in front of the wall where press releases happen - except for Lilli who was crying and clinging to my leg. She was so tired (again I really don't understand why they did this during nap time - she is a child who still really needs her nap and most of the time takes a solid 2 hour nap). She then proceeded to cry the entire walk back to daycare and howled when I left.
So yes, first field trip had some ups and downs, but I'm pretty sure if it had been a princess field trip - or basically anything she's more interested in - that we all would have had a lot more fun!

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