Thursday, April 19, 2012

Date Night

Two weeks ago we finally got out of the house for a date night (first one since January) so we could go see Hunger Games. I had read the book earlier this year and Brent had just finished the first one (he's on the third one now). It was absolutely pouring down rain that night and Brent had been stuck in traffic and barely got home before Stephanie came over to watch Lilli. With the timing and weather and everything we missed the first batch of movies so we killed some time at Michaels. Basically every date night involves Michaels in some way.We really didn't take any pictures but the movie was great. It was the first adult movie we'd seen in a theater since a running documentary in January 2008. We're just not movie theater people.
We were a little goofy with the movie posters since we always take pictures of Lilli with the posters.
The next day was Good Friday so we had told Stephanie Lilli didn't have to go to bed right at 8, so she let her stay up until she started getting a little whiny with her and went to bed around 9. She still wasn't out good when we got home around 9:30 and jumped out of bed when she heard us. The next morning this was what I found:
Rough night! At first I wasn't even sure she was in there! For some reason she's started sleeping under her blankets now and on this morning you couldn't even see her for all her junk. I was surprised she didn't wake up early because we had big day ahead - zoo with friends on our day off!

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