Friday, January 1, 2010

What We've Been Up To....

With a little extra time off this week at the end of the year, we've had more time for fun (minus all the time I've had to spend studying.)

We've been sitting in our big girl chair. I got this chair for next to nothing at a consignment sale, and she loves to drag it out from the corner and wave her hands for me to pick her up and sit her down on it. She's at least able to sit on it now without falling off (most of the time). For some reason she just LOVES to sit there, though not for any length of time. Sometimes we have to hide it because this game of off and on gets old pretty fast.

We had a "ladies only" lunch with our friend Julia. Lilli was as good as an 11-month old wrigglepants could be and made huge messes of her food while Julia and I visited. Actually, a table of guys next to us kept Lilli pretty entertained for a while - they were somewhat loudly discussing sports and occasionally clapping so Lilli just watched them and clapped when they clapped. Of course by "picture time" at the end Miss WrigglePants was ready to get down and movemovemove.
Chilling in the fridge, as usual.
She LOVES to use her pointer fingers and walks around with her "two guns a blazin'" ALL the time. It's pretty hilarious and her teachers and some of the other moms laugh about it, too.
Here's an action version. (And yes, sometimes we make playtime more exciting by wearing our tu-tu. There's no reason to be dowdy just because you're at home!)
And sometimes the world ends and we just have to throw a temper tantrum. We get a lot of this face these days anytime we won't let her eat nails, stick her finger in an electric socket, slobber on electronics, poke Pippin in the eye or attempt to change her diaper. It's a rough life. (for all of us). Is it possible to enter the terrible twos at 11 months???I think so.

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