Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Noodle Head

Lilli's eating more and more table food and less and less baby food. Some days she won't have anything to do with baby food at all, so we're really trying to expose her to lots of different foods in case she suddenly rejects baby food completely. (And make it through my baby food stockpiles!)

Enter Pad Thai night in the Spears household. Last night I made a Thai chicken recipe with noodles, so on Lilli's high chair table I gave her some plain noodles that she ate some. Then she started reaching for my plate and when she does that I generally give her a bite or two of whatever we're eating, then more if she wants it, or I'll sneak some things to her that we've set aside just for her (hard boiled egg, etc) and make her think that's what I'm eating. SO, I gave her some of the noodles with Thai sauce on it and when it looked like they were gone I was pretty excited she liked something so exotic so readily!

Then we noticed where the noodle had gone.She has a hard time with noodles. They slide in and out and all around. I honestly didn't even think she knew it was in her hair. Whenever we laugh about something she thinks it's funny as well, even if she doesn't have a CLUE what we're laughing about. And yes, there is a rubber duckie on our table. That's life.
She signaled for another noodle, so I gave her one.
Turns out the little rascal knew exactly where that noodle had gone and exactly what we thought was hilarious.
It's fine dining on Pad Thai night in the Spears household.

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