Monday, January 4, 2010

Funny Girl

Today was back to the normal routine & back to a full class in daycare, too. I think we were all glad to get back on schedule, and Lilli came home in a great mood fully napped and happy. I think she really missed her friends and teachers! She's also now the Queen Bee of her class. Two of her classmates had December birthdays, so they've moved up to the 1 year old class leaving her the oldest! Some smaller kiddos moved up into her class who can't even crawl yet - so now her class is 1 Walker (Lilli), 3 Crawlers, and 4 Sitters! So, I'm pretty sure she spent the better part of the day picking on the smaller ones. We're really in no hurry for her to move up to the 1 yr old room and be back on the bottom of the totem pole, some of those kids look huge to me!

This is what happens when you give Lilli her bottle and go in the kitchen to clean up after dinner - she had a GREAT time!
She's been feeding herself for quite a while now, although would generally prefer you hold her and do all the work while she relaxes. When she's in a mischievous mood (like tonight) she enjoys flicking the nipple with her teeth and spraying the milk everywhere. Which she also finds HILARIOUS. She was just dying laughing at how funny she was.
Brent's in charge of updating for the next few days while I'm in Atlanta for business! I'm sure he and Lilli will have a great time and they had better not get a big snow without me!

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