Monday, January 18, 2010

Rain, Rain!

It rained absolute buckets Saturday night and through mid-day Sunday. Sunday morning she had to grab her rain-hat before we could go!
I really don't think that dress has "shrunk" on her any since she first wore it in early November! Since it's a jumper she just might be able to wear it again next fall, like I'm hoping she'll be able to wear some of her bigger summer dresses that she didn't get to wear much last year.

Ready to go!
Daddy went grocery shopping yesterday and bought something both the kids were pretty excited about!
I think in this one she's saying "Mmmm, Choc Cheerios get in my belly!!!"
There's a reason we don't use re-useable grocery bags. How can you deny this joy? (Actually we do re-use these bags in tons of ways, so it saves us money in other ways!)She's turning into such a Kid. Yesterday she just did laps and laps, practically running, around the island until she just collapsed on the floormat totally out of breath!

Today her school is closed for inservice/MLK Day, and I think her primary goal is to sleep! She stirred a lit around 7 (which is early for her) so I went in, gave her a pacifier and told her to go back to sleep. She's really listening today because it's 20 after 9 and she is STILL asleep! Every once in a while I hear her roll over, but I guess she's just catching up on some Z's this morning! (Normally she wakes up between 7:30-8:30 on Saturdays.)

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