Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What Goes Around

Today's post has nothing to do with Lilli but I'll sprinkle a few pics in for good measure anyway!

So last week Brent had a flat while I was out of town in Atlanta. He ended up having to run over some stuff on the interstate (wreck ahead and nowhere to go in rush hour) but luckily he was able to get Lilli from school and it was when he pulled in the garage that he heard air rushing out of his tire, so it was as "convenient" as could be, especially given me out of town! He had my car still at home since they always pick me up on our trips, so he was able to drive it until he got the tire fixed on Friday. (Still a pain though!)

Today I walked out to my car after work and immediately saw I had a tire flatter than flat. UGH! What's the deal!??! I think prior to this we've only had one flat in our entire 11 years of marriage, if we've had more than that I can't even remember them! So first I called Brent (this was about 3:45) and two of my coworkers walked out right after me, and one of them suggested calling Security because they often help women with car trouble. Score! So I called and a really nice guy - Ramone - came out. He told me he'd had a ton of flats before and was an EXPERT at changing them. Even better! We figured out where the jack was and then he went to work getting the spare. And that's where the story stalls. I had already called Brent back while he went to get his tools and I told him I thought I might have it under control, so maybe he could pick up Lil and then we could somehow swap off and he could examine the tire (he also had a hair appt this afternoon) and I could take her home. So he changed course to daycare, and when he called me after he had picked her up Ramone was STILL working on the spare with no luck. I told Brent it might be best if they came over to help since this was going nowhere. About this time Ramone asked for the book to my car and we figured out he was doing it totally wrong. Awesome! Then he made quick work of getting the spare dropped low but it just never would come off this cable. About this time Brent called and was nearby, so I directed him towards the right parking garage entrance & slipped my badge through the fence so he could come get in.

He got right to work with Ramone, and I grabbed Lilli out of his car. The parking garage was SO cold and I'd already been out there an hour, so we decided I'd take Lil back inside and he could call me if they needed me or when they got done. He was with Security anyway, so that has to be an exception to all unattended visitor policies, right??? Lil and I went inside and started visiting with the very few coworkers still there at 4:30/4:45. (Lifeway is a VERY early workplace!) She hasn't been in the office since October so everyone wanted to see her walk and she just loved the attention. And of course Alison and Angela showered her with samples from the baby/plush closet! After we walked around and visited a few people it was around her usual 5-ish bottle time, so I called Brent to see how it was coming and they'd finally gotten everything fixed but he was wondering if he could come in and wash his hands before heading to his hair appointment (a little late now). I told him to hang by the door and I'd come to scan him in. I'd had to take my badge with me because I have to scan about 4 times between the garage and my desk.

Lil and I pack up, head down to get him, and I sort of flung the door and told him to grab it before it locked back. We went to the closest bathroom, had another conversation or two with coworkers who were leaving, and headed right back towards the garage when we run into Ramone talking with Alison and a couple of other female coworkers. When we walked up we heard "We heard there's a homeless looking guy on G1 who got into the building and may have abducted someone. He just shoved his way into the door when it opened." Wow! That is scary stuff!!! A year (or maybe more) ago some cars were broken into overnight when someone cut through the fence, and I think ever since then people have been on high alert. As we're standing there talking about it, another coworker that we'd previously met in the hall when I let Brent in, came through and heard the conversation. He had also somewhat heard the previous panic from the woman who had seen "the incident". He quickly put it all together - THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT BRENT!!!

He had been standing by the door waiting - and people thought he looked suspicious because he was wearing a Tshirt and jeans!! We can't wear jeans (or tshirts) EVER, so it is out of place - but he'd been CHANGING MY TIRE! That's not a suit & tie task! As soon as he got there he took off his leather coat and sweater and had just left them in my car. We had an ENORMOUS laugh over it. I guess people only saw me fling the door and not that a smiling lady and baby had let him in. Just goes to show you how much people overact! Anyway, we all died laughing about it, so I guess the torture of leaving the office at 5:30 instead of 3:30 is slightly eased by the fact that I am married to someone insanely suspicious looking. I'm pretty sure I'll get written up by security tomorrow for a host of violations.

Quick pic:
Lilli loves to help me cook dinner and watch it all cooking! Yesterday I let her pick out which rice we'd have as a side dish with our baked salmon. (She enjoyed the salmon and the rice!)

Decisions, Decisions!

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