Thursday, January 14, 2010

Snow Rabbit

Until we dump some more pictures I'm running out of newer stuff, but this is my favorite picture Brent took last week when I was in Atlanta. He titled it as "Lilli's First Snow Rabbit" and already had a copy printed for me (since he was having her b-day party invites printed) when I got home! Not only is it a cute picture but you can see Brent found of all Lilli's snow gear - her thickest coat (that has a reversible fleece jacket liner inside it and a snap on hat) that I paid $7 for at a consignment sale, her BabyGap ski suit I got for $4 at a consignment sale, and her snow/rain boots I also got for $4 at a consignment sale. The hat was a freebie hand-me-down from Cousin Madison. Total ADORABLE cost of snow outfit: $15!

Cost of the Rabbit: Free! I think Brent's mom gave it to us back in 1999 at our first married Christmas. In our Smyrna house he lived in our living room, and when we moved here to a gated yard he made it to the front yard and always becomes decoration when we're fortunate enough to have enough snow for a snowman. In this pitiful snow he WAS the decoration!

(And that's her everyday dayschool coat so I've gotten WAY more use out of it than $7! Her dressy winter coat was also a $10 Janie and Jack find at a consignment sale!)

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