Friday, January 22, 2010

One More Day!

Just a few more hours until the "big" 1st birthday party! We've been BLOWN away by how many of Lilli's little buddies have RSVPd. Seriously - only 2 kids have not been able to come, so a) our little girl is quite popular! and b) the party tomorrow is going to be total chaos! The party planner knows how many people are coming (which is WAY over capacity!) and she is totally up to the challenge of managing the herd. Hopefully since they're all small (only a couple are over the age of 1) that should help. It should be a lot of fun!Today she wore one of her monkey onesies and her "birthday" jacket - it has a little cupcake on it. The "Birthday Girl" shirt I ordered from Gymboree never arrived (it's due to get here on Monday-blah!) so I bought a back-up in the store this week, but it's nowhere near as cute as the one I ordered. But, her Birthday Dress (for Sunday) arrived and so did the backpack I had made for her, as well as all her presents, so I guess one package out of several isn't TOO bad a return.

We've been baking and decorating like CRAZY this week, and I'd love to share a sneak peak with you because it all turned out so cute - but sorry!!! It's all going to have to wait for the big reveal tomorrow! Lilli thinks her smash cake is hilarious, and she loved all the cookies I made. The picture of her above is her eating one - she just couldn't wait!

There are still a few more little decor things to be taken care of tonight, and lists are made for tomorrow morning, so hopefully everything will go off with as little hitches as possible!

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