Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day #2!

We ended up with between 4-6 inches of snow here in Nashville overnight. It snowed and iced all night long and was still snowing when we got up at 7:45 this morning. Correction, when Pippin got us all up at 7:45. Lilli was still asleep, but he couldn't make it off the deck with all the snow so he had to go out the front door, which of course woke her up squealing when she heard his collar jingling.The street was totally white, you couldn't even see the road. It's an ice mix on top, so sometimes you will crash through the snow and sometimes not! Poor Pippin has had a hard time doing his business today. He is not a dog who loves the snow. It's only a small notch above rain in his book.

She took a Loooong nap today. She had been asleep about 2.5 hours this morning and we were starving for lunch! She eats a lot better if we're eating, too, so we held off as long as we could but we were so hungry! I took the Pippin-gate down just to check on her and make sure she was ok, and naturally a few minutes later he wandered in there and woke her up. So once we all finished lunch we bundled up to play again. This time we took out the extra inner-lining to her coat (it's super thick as is) and went with sneakers instead of her boots.

It worked MUCH better. She could actually move and had a much better time out in the snow.The way it's so deep (6 inches when you're only 29 inches to begin with!) she still couldn't walk without holding onto our hands. Pippin came out with us and she had a good time trying to catch him.
We were taking some pictures and a neighbor walked by with their dog. She went nuts! She loves any and all dogs, and absolutely squealed and screamed the whole way she could see them down 17th.
Mommy and Baby.
We did laps and laps and laps back and forth in front of the fence.
And then it was Brent's turn. This game is no fun on the back!
Daddy and Baby.
This snow stuff isn't half bad!
And then Brent shoveled the sidewalk. Since our mailman delivers to the porch (and he's so nice!) we wanted to shovel it before he came, but her super long nap didn't make that possible. But it's clear now!
We had a great time in the snow today and since it hasn't melted a bit I guess we'll play again tomorrow. It's just not sticky enough for a snowman, but as it softens up I'm sure we'll get one made. Our church is actually canceled tomorrow, so we technically don't have anywhere to be, but cabin fever is setting in so at some point I'm sure we'll venture out! I'm starting to wonder if Lilli's school will be open on Monday?

Once the excitement of the snow ends I've got to finish the party posts! We were talking today about how glad we are she showed up a week early - otherwise this weekend would've been her birthday and party - and I'm pretty sure the guest list would've ended up a LOT smaller!

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