Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sleeping it Off.....

Lilli's been better and worse, off an on, over the last 24 hours. After her nap yesterday she woke up without a fever, and seemed pretty ok and was wanting to play. She played for a couple of hours and then was ready for another nap. She woke up from it an hour later, a little after 5 pm, just shaking. I took her temp and it was only 99, but she just couldn't stop shaking. Brent wasn't home from work yet, so the first thing I could think of to do was get in the shower, turn it all the way to hot and maybe the steam and warmth would help her. That seemed to help, and we sat in there for about 20 minutes with her curled up on me, dozing in and out. She slept on me while we ate dinner, but then she started throwing up a little. I think all the mucus and phlegm in her was just getting to be too much and that was the only way out - it was really more of a gag that led to vomiting than truly having a virus like that. She started running a 101 - 102 fever again during the evening, and she mostly dozed and then pretty much woke up in time to go to bed. We gave her Pedialyte and some applesauce before bed since those seem to always be better on her stomach when she's iffy. She slept decently well - we were up briefly at 12:30, then up for a little while at 3:30 feeding her more Pedialyte and then 5 and she finely woke up at 7:30.

This morning she still just wasn't super hungry, and took her morning nap around 10 for an hour and a half. I was absolutely beat so I took a nap, too! According to Brent I was snoring so loud Pippin asked him if he could have me keep it down - hardy har. (Speaking of, Pippin has not wanted to leave her side at all when she's been so sick these last few days. I've had to move one of his little beds to the foot of the glider because he wants to be THAT close.) Anyway, she woke up around 11:30, ate a little bit and by 12:30 she wanted another nap and didn't wake up until 3:30!!! Around 2:30 when I checked on her she looked flushed again, and sure enough she had a 101 fever. We woke her up for ibuprofin but she was so beat she went right back to sleep. But, when she woke up at 3:30 she's been in a great mood and playing ever since - curious about everything and wanting to roam the house once again. She hasn't had a fever since 3:30 and ate pretty well tonight. She's still been coughing some and has a bit of a runny nose (I don't think it will ever stop....) but it has improved. We've decided not to take her anywhere this weekend and hopefully just let her get lots of rest and get her immune system strong again. It seems everyone is sick, and church is pretty much the breeding ground of all coughs and colds and she needs a break from that!

Here's what she looked like with a 102 fever last night! Still a sweetie!
But mostly she's been looking like this - cough, cough!! Crusty, crusty!!!
Here she is watching Dinosaur Train yesterday. I don't know what it is about that show, but it's the only thing she will watch, and she just loves it. She's actually talking to the characters in this pic. She laughs at them, points at them, and talks to them. She rarely sees TV, but we discovered this love when we were on vacation and used it to babysit her while we were getting ready in the mornings. Luckily it comes on PBS since we don't have cable, and I was flipping through while letting her eat yesterday and saw it was on and she got so excited! I really need to TiVo a few episodes to have them handy. We've rented the occasional Elmo's World and Baby Einstein from the library and they don't capture her attention even for a moment, but Dinosaur Train is another matter! This is also a good pic of her 4 teeth! I think 5 & 6 on the bottom are starting to swell up and may be coming in soon. Heaven help us!
Another cute one from yesterday - Sick days are pajama days so I kept her in jammies all day long and I thought this was so cute! That's her favorite little blankie that my friend Amy made for her. She sleeps with it at night and sometimes when we're playing she fishes it out of her crib and walks around with it. She went through a lovie phase when she was younger, but now she prefers little blankies and burp cloths. I think I may have to see if Amy will make her a few more because she's getting really attached to this one!


  1. When AC was sick last week I sat in the bathroom with the steam many times - the doc says its good for their little chests. Hope she feels better soon!

  2. Bless her little heart! I sure hope she is feeling better.