Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Before & After: Car Seat Edition

Ear Infection Update: Last night was a MUCH better night!!! Thank goodness for antibiotics! She went to sleep at her normal 8:00-ish, but we are still having to rock her but she's going doing pretty well. She woke up at 9:30 and just needed a little comforting. From then we didn't hear her until around 3:15 when she started coughing to the point where she was gagging some, so we went in there, rocked her for a few minutes and offered her a bottle and she went right back to sleep! Thank goodness! She's not been wanting to eat much, just a couple of ounces here and there so we've been pretty loose and just feeding her on demand. We decided to let her sleep in this morning (she normally has to be up at 6 am), so I let her sleep until 7:15 because otherwise I think she would've slept until 8:30 or 9 - this kid does like to sleep in! I just went into work late and we called during the day to check on her and they said she was doing great! She was fine tonight, and went to bed as usual, she's still a little fussy on drinking her bottles but we are glad to have a much better tempered Lilli back in business! She's still not back to 100%, and you can tell that, but her fussies are fewer, further between, and thankful a lot less Armageddon-ish. She got so excited when we were walking into school today to see one of her teachers from her "baby" class buzzing people in. It's nice to see how much she likes it there, and how excited she gets to see her teachers and classmates.

Over the last few weeks as we've hit coat season her original baby buggy carrier has gotten to be an annoyingly tight feet. For Christmas Lilli asked her Grandma Carden to get her a bigger carseat! We already had one that several of Brent's coworkers went in together on last year as a baby gift for us, but we have to have two since we both transport her throughout the day, and even if we didn't each have separate responsibilities these things are way too big to bother with changing back and forth!

Here's a look back to her first day in her original carseat!

How stinking adorable!!!! So, so tiny!! Just a few days old and getting ready to go home for the first time. I hardly remember that little bitty person! I was actually packing up some things the other day and came across that hat - it was so enormous then, but won't even begin to stretch across any part of her noggin now.

Here's what she looked like recently in the same carseat. I snapped it one afternoon when she fell asleep with her upturned sippy cup. She was definitely filling it up a lot more!

Another recent view - she was hanging out in it at a restaurant having a snack.
I will def miss the convenience of just toting her in a basket, esp when she has fallen asleep in it. But wedging her in with her coat and winter garb on lately has been sheer torture. Here she is in the one Brent's friends bought us:

A lot more room!

The next day she was comfy enough in it that she fell right to sleep and looks pretty cozy. Brent installed his about two weeks ago and it's been working great. We found a great deal on a slightly larger one on Amazon (a closeout that made it the same price as the smaller one!) so we went ahead and ordered it. It came in last week and Brent installed it over the weekend. Here she is checking it over the weekend (when she was super sick, so not an especially cute pic). The pattern looks really wild but it real life it's much more subdued. Maybe the flash made it look crazy?? Today was the first time she got to ride in it and she had loads of room, even with her coat on! I'll have to get a good pic of her in the car with it.

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Carden for my new carseat! We'll stick a bow on it on Christmas Day!!!

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