Wednesday, December 2, 2009

War Against the Germs

I had to leave work a little earlier than usual this afternoon to take Lilli to get the second dose of her seasonal flu shot. I also ended up deciding to get her the H1N1 vaccine. It seems like there haven't been bad reactions to it (generally), and I'd much rather be safe than sorry at her age, particularly as they won't be able to prescribe Tamiflu or treat her with some of the other medicines older children can have. There's been too many cases of perfectly healthy children that become fatally ill to take on the risk, and even one of our store manager's husbands is currently in ICU as a result of H1N1. It was a looong afternoon in the car, from work to daycare to her pedi in Green Hills and then back home. And the pouring rain, traffic delays and accidents made it just miserable! The shots made Lilli more than a bit angry so she let me hear about it on the way home. (Really it wasn't the shots, she was already calmed down from that before we left the doc - she was sick of the car and ready for her dinner bottle.) Hopefully being proactive with this flu stuff will help prevent an illness or two in our household this winter!

Here's a shot with her teeth - you can really see the 4 of them, particularly the 3 that are totally through. #4 has been a pain in our sides recently but it may be through enough to ease some fussiness.
She loooves to feed herself finger foods and is really getting the hang of it. Granted a lot of it ends up in strange places, but she's starting to want more table food and less baby food. Tonight we gave her large pieces of bananas (versus smaller bite size ones) and it was so funny to watch her know to take little bites of it instead of jamming the whole thing in her mouth.
She is still such a shortie, but is growing. Yesterday was the last time she'll get to wear a little pair of BabyGap 3-6 month jeans! I have certainly gotten my money's worth from them. This pair of pants is 6-9M, and as you can see we have to pretty much pull them up to her armpits so she won't trip on them! This is def the way to impress the boys!
She's walking everywhere these days! Her daily report has mentioned all her walking each day this week. She still crawls when she wants speed, but over the last few days she's really starting to want to walk more primarily.

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